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General English
Course Description

The Standard General English Course integrates the core English language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. This General English course is designed for all kinds of people who want to improve day-to-day English language skills. The course is taught from elementary through to advanced level. we want you to achieve your full potential by being motivated and actively involved in your own studies. Our teaching style encourages regular practical use of your new language skills with fellow students; becoming more confident when speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Course overview:

1.30 hrs per lesson (Three times a week)

The course covers core English language skills with an emphasis on improving your fluency and building confidence when speaking English.
The course meets the general English needs of students from Elementary level (CEF A2) through to Advanced level (CEF C2).

Language class levels:

We cater for a range of different levels of language ability. The levels break down as follows and are linked to the Common European Framework (CEF):

- You have no previous knowledge of the language.

- Basic communication is possible with assistance and you understand simple sentences when spoken slowly and clearly.
Pre-intermediate - You can deal with simple situations but need to develop all language areas and skills.

- You make effective and independent use of the language in a range of situations but may still encounter lapses in communication.

- Your use of the language is consistent and usually appropriate but lapses in fluency and accuracy occur in complex situations.

Intermediate- You have a good command of the language. You speak fluently and accurately with only a few uncertainties in complex situations.

- You have an excellent command of the language and can tackle the most difficult tasks.

Students are accepted from any level.

  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Assessment tests
  • Additional lessons (If required).

Certificate will be given at the end of the course.

Tuition fee:

  • The firsttwolevels(Beginner, Elementary) _  120 Gelper month;
  • The nexttwolevels(Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate) - 150 GEL per month;
  • Upper-intermediatelevel-180 GEL per month.
  • AdvancedLevel-200 GEL;
  • Individualtuition fee-20 GEL per hour.

Upon completion the course corresponding certificate will be passed to the listeners on the basis of testing. It is possibleto conduct classes for corporate clientsas well asin your office, as well aswith us, in order to save yourtime. With regard tocorporateclientsthere is aspecialdiscount(10%).

Business English
Course Description

Is geared toward executives and professionals with basic, intermediate or advanced level English skills.

Our one-to-one or small group course is designed to help participants advance their executive English communication competency and succeed in today’s business world. taught by a certified trainer in our courses are customized in your needs and can be designed for one executive or a small group of executives, content is fully tailored to address participant’s everyday executive English Language needs based on their job –specific language and vocabulary,

Our main focus during business English training is to help participants a full range of communication skills in order to function more effectively at work:

  • Technical writing
  • Oral communication
  • English vocabulary
  • Accent reduction
  • Presentation skills

Our course hours are designed to accommodate a participant’s busy schedule,
Location is determined based on the participant’s preferences (at the office, work place, or at executive language training facilities).

Classesare conducted in groups of 3-5 persons;
Intensity - 3 times a week, 2 hours;
Tuitionfee - 200 Gel per month;

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