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Beka Kantaria, President & CEO

Academic Degree

PhD in Law (Ivane  Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

Associate Professor   / From 2011-Up to Date /

The University Of Georgia; School of law


 Constitutional Law of Georgia

 Comparative constitutionalism

 Constitutional Justice

 Legal Technology


From 2009- Up to Date 

Organization, Professional Development _ European Centre

NGO "Georgian-European Collaboration"

Scientific Publications,Books

Konstantine Mikeladze’s Political and Legal opinions; Publishing” Politics,” 2004 year, Tbilisi 

2.  Meetings in Germany; Publishing “Tskum-Abkhazeti Academy of Sciences,” 2005 year, Tbilisi

3.  The Supreme Court of The Springs in Georgia(1919-1921); Publishing “Molodini,” 2004 year; Tbilisi

4.  The God of the Audience, Publishing  “Tskum-Abkhazeti Academy of Sciences,” 2005 year, Tbilisi

6.  Flagship Hero, Publishing “Molodini,” 2003 year; Tbilisi

7.  Western Systems of Governance and their impact on Georgia’s first constitution 2011 year; Tbilisi

8.  Georgian Law History;(compiler Beka Kantaria);Publishing The University of Georgia; 2011 year; Tbilisi

9.  Forms of Government in the first Constitution of Georgia; (A Comparative study of western systems of governance),Journal “International Journal of law,” Tbilisi, 2011 year

  1.  Development of Parliamentary Institutions in Georgia,(1917-1921);scientific Works Collection “Mermisi,”  Georgian Secular Institute “Rvali,” Rustavi,2007 year

11. The Issue of Immutability in the first Constitution of Georgia; The springs of Georgian Constitutionalism- 90thAnniversary of the 1921 Constitution of Georgia; Batumi; 2011 year. Regional Centre Constitutionalism Research and Promotion; Edition Number 5; Publishing “Graali.”

  1.  The Parliament of the Constitution of February 21; The springs of Georgian Constitutionalism- 90thAnniversary of the 1921 Constitution of Georgia; Batumi; 2011 year. Regional Centre Constitutionalism Research and Promotion; Edition Number 5; Publishing “Graali.”

Eter Sanaia, Executive director

Graduated from  Voljkii University .Tatisheva , undergraduate and graduate university specializing in  European Private Law. Also, graduated Bussines Administration MBA (2). Worked in the different leading organizations on a post of the group economist and the chief accountant. Up to now successfully works in this sphere. Is the lecturer financial accounting, tax code and business administration.Holds a qualification in general audit, awarded by Parliament’s audit council.

Rusudan Bolkvadze, Financial Managar

graduated from Technical University of Georgia, a bachelor's degree. currently studying a master's degree as an auditor. completed accounting courses in the Association of Accountants. currently work as a financial manager in the educational center

Nazi Virsaladze, Administrative Maneger

Nazi has completed Master Degree of Public Relations in Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Previously David Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia, Bachelor of Social Sciences. She has been a member of European Academic Center Stuff Since 2014. She is responsible for making international projects abroad and cooperating with international partnets.

Mariam Gogava, Head of International Department

I am studding at University of Georgia as a master of business administration. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Information technology the same University  
The purpose of my study is to acquire knowledge, skills and experiences which qualify for the admission of a professional activity in external-academic areas like international finance, management consulting and policy consultation

I have high sense of responsibility and ability to work as a team member. I’m energetic and hard-working. I have good organizing, coordinating and communication skills.
Giorgi Jashiashvili

Viktoria Muntianu, Exchange Programs Managar


Master of International Relations (October, 2010)

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)

Master’s Thesis: “Organized Crime and Political Regimes: the Case of Post-Communist States” 

Bachelor of Social Science (December, 2008)

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Main field of study for the qualification: International Relations


Academic Coordinator’s Assistant (December 2011 – July, 2013)

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Program “Teach and Learn with Georgia”

Invited Expert, Member of Consulting Board (May 2010 – December 2011)

Parliament of Georgia, Foreign Relations Committee 

Administrative Assistant (August 2010 – December 2010)

Georgian State Commission for Studying the Historical Truth

Intern (November 2009 – May 2010)

Parliament of Georgia, Foreign Relations Committee 

Intern (June 2008 – August 2008)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Political Department 

Intern, (September 2007 – March 2008)

Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia, Department of Economic Analysis and Policy 


  • GIPA Alumni Upgrading Courses
    • Georgia Parliamentary Program: “Training of Trainers”
    • Georgia Parliamentary Program: “A capacity-building and good governance program on strengthening legislative oversight of the security sector”
    • The Westminster Consortium program: “Strengthening Parliaments and Democracies” Professional Training Course in Banking Affairs
  • Georgia Parliamentary Program: “Strengthening Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector”

LANGUAGES:  English, Georgian, Russian


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