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Clinical Education

European Centre for Professional Development /Georgia, Tbilisi / of excellence and its law-in-action approach to legal education are highlighted in its clinical and skills training programs. It is this law-in-action approach — in which students learn not only what the law is, but also how the law works — that helps develop well-educated, thoughtful graduates who are able successfully to bridge the gap between law school and practice. Clinical students receive a rich educational experience, applying the legal theory they have learned in the classroom to help real people outside of the classroom.

Practical Skills Program

The Practical Skills Program provides a number of simulation courses that enable students to develop lawyering skills in a carefully supervised, hands-on classroom setting. Oral communication skills, negotiations, writing for practice, and client counseling are some of the courses offered through the program.  Course that integrates what students have learned throughout law school to the core skills needed for effective law practice. The course emphasizes the skills students will need in the early years of practice.

Adress: 67 Kostava str, Tbilisi, 0179


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