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The program is provided for students, bachelors, undergraduates for improvement of professional skill in banks, and micro -financial organizations, in credit institutions or for the hiring grant. After successful passage of a course of banking possibility to raise qualification is given to you and to increase your chance to be in bank and credit institutions. This general course is calculated to understand and study bank activity. In case of interest of group probably deep discussion of any questions.
Each lecture includes acquaintance with a material, with practical situations and from questions-answers.
The course consists of two levels: theoretical and practical.
  • Education of banks.
  • Modern bank systems.
  • Activity and appointment of national bank.
  • Commercial bank as business,
  • its administration (its directions and an essence and the purpose of its branches.)
  • Structure and activity of commercial bank.
  • A corporate bank direction. Legal, technical and IT support.
  • Calculation and the finance.
  • Management of credit risks and problem actives.
  • Branches, their support.
  • Bank clientele, legal and physical persons.
  • The bank credit, principles of maintenance and Bank deposits.
  • Electronic bank service.
  • The practical review above the listed questions.
  • The Question-answer with listeners.
  • Testing.

ჩამოტვირთეთ სასწავლო პროგრამა

Practical course:
Operational day (deposits, accounts, plastic cards, mailings and others of service). The credit program (loan delivery, monitoring, repayment, payments.) discussion different bank computer programs by means of PowerPoint. After the ending theoretical and practical a course students will pass training in “Privat Bank.”

Upon termination of a course testing is held and the corresponding certificate is given out.

Course intensity: 3 months, 72 hours.
Tuition fee: 500 Gel (payment is available partially)

The courses are scheduled:
(3 times a week - 2 hours per lecture)

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